Who Is Santa Dog

This Christmas, welcome the newest member of the family. With Santa Dog's First Sleigh Ride, your 2-legged and 4-legged children can take home the story of a new furry holiday icon, and start a tradition that will have everyone barking for more.

In his Christmas debut, learn the story of what made Santa Claus’ dog leave the North Pole and become Santa Dog - the gift giver to every good dog around the world. Join Santa Dog on his first spectacular journey south on his sleigh, as he overcomes obstacles in his way including herding a litter of uncooperative cats, flying through an intense blizzard, and losing his magical Santa hat. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Theo, a little boy who has everything a child could want but a best friend, seeks out the perfect dog companion. When Santa Dog's sleigh malfunctions and they meet, Santa Dog must decide whether to stay with the boy who's in need of a friend, or get back in the sky and finish the job he started.

Join them on this paw-warming story which is sure to become a family classic as they both uncover the true meaning of Christmas. The Santa Dog Holiday Gift Bundle comes complete with the full-color children’s book and matching Santa Dog plush toys for your child and pet, which will bring everyone together during the holidays and create lasting memories throughout the year.